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Deliblato Sands

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Deliblato Sands
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Deliblato Sands is a large sand area covering around 300 km² of ground in Vojvodina province, Serbia. It is located in southern Banat, situated between the river Danube and the southwestern slopes of the Carpathian Mountains. The sands are named after the village of Deliblato, in the municipality of Kovin. Its main masses are elliptical shaped hills called Zagajička brda, with steppe grassland plains and steppe forests.

The Deliblato Sands is the largest sandy terrain in Europe, having originated from the withdrawal of the Pannonian Sea. Due to its forest and surroundings, it was declared a Special Nature Reserve.

It spreads between the international corridor E70 (which connects Belgrade with Timisoara) and the Danube River. To the Education Center Čardak, the easiest way is to get through Pančevo – Kovin or Bela Crkva – Kovin. The Eurovelo 6 cycling route passes through the Reservoir via Dubovac – Vračev Gaj. Between the nautical harbors on the Danube Ram and Stara Palanka, the scaffolds regularly transport. 

Possibility of parking for buses, trucks and cars in Center “Čardak”. Accommodation facilities in the “Čardak”, individual accommodation in the surrounding villages (Deliblato, Šušara and nearby towns – Pančevo, Vršac, Alibunar, Kovin).

For each shooting, the Nature Protection Requirements issued by the Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province (Pokrajinski zavod za zaštitu priode, Radnička 20, Novi Sad) are required. These conditions give all limitations from the aspect of nature protection. In the reserve, fire is not allowed except on the designated places. It is necessary to get Shooting permission from reserve manager too (JP Vojvodinašume).