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• Gornje Podunavlje

Gornje Podunavlje

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Gornje Podunavlje
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Bački Monoštor, Bezdan
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Phone: +381 21 431144

Special Nature Reserve “Gornje Podunavlje” (19.605 ha) is one of the Danube pearls of Vojvodina and Serbia. “Gornje Podunavlje” has been created as the rest of the former wide swamp areas of the left bank of Danube River. It is a complex mosaic of water and terrestrial ecosystems. The largest part of the Reserve is covered by complexes of flown forests and such preserved original biotopes are quite rare. The Nature Reserve “Gornje Podunavlje” is protected as the natural good of the 1st category. In addition to biodiversity, “Gornje Podunavlje” is also an authentic cultural heritage. As a result of adapting to the great river and its wonders, there were born authentic customs, costumes, language, fishing gear, boats and foods, which are constantly attracting guests and make “Gornje Podunavlje” unforgettable destination for visitors.

This location features Eco-center “Karapandža”, walking path “Bestrement”, Šarkanj, Semenjača, Široki rit, hunting lodge “Mesarske livade“, hunting lodge “Štrbac“, Kupusinski dunavac.

“Gornje Podunavlje” extends close to pan-European corridors 7 and 10 that connect regional road and railroads with the international river port of Bezdan on Corridor 7 – the Danube River. It is located 175 km northwest of Belgrade and 220 km south of Budapest. By passing the border crossing Bezdan from Croatia or the border crossing Bački Breg from Hungary, you reach this Reserve.  

There is a possibility of parking for buses, trucks and cars at the Eco-center “Karapandža”. Accommodation capacities in hunting lodges, individual accommodation in the surrounding villages (Bački Monoštor and Bezdan and nearby town – Sombor).

For each shooting, the Nature Protection Requirements issued by the Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province (Pokrajinski zavod za zaštitu prirode, Radnička 20, Novi Sad) are required. These conditions give all limitations from the aspect of nature protection. Some restrictions are present during the reproductive season of venison. It is necessary to get Shooting permission from reserve manager too (JP Vojvodinašume).