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Mountain Gučevo

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Mountain Gučevo
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The mountain Gučevo is the far western part of Podrinje-Valjevo Mountains. The highest peak is Crni vrh (799 m). This densely wooded mountain is covered by oaks, beeches, maple, locust and pine. It is also home to various animal species, like hares, foxes, deer and several kinds of birds. On Gučevo, there are numerous resorts, sports facilities and trim trails. On this mountain was fought the first trench battle in the WWI, on which reminds the Mausoleum of Serbian soldiers from the World War I.

Near to the monument, on the north side of the mountain and at an altitude of 550m, a mountain lodge, a tourist and catering facility have been built. That is the biggest mountain lodge in Serbia. Near to it, at the altitude of 500 m, there is a camping site for motorists, with a restaurant and camping houses. Between the monument, the mountain lodge and the camping site there are nicely arranged pedestrian paths.