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Restaurant Ranč

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Restaurant Ranč
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The estate of the family Kulaš is situated within the reach of Bođani village, near Bač. The edifice built in 1911 is particularly interesting, because it has managed to preserve its original size and glory. Čarda is located on the crossing of two canals that represent the true pleasure for the admirers of nature and fishing for their natural beauty and abundance of fish. This place is surrounded with wood, which is suitable for hunting because of the huge variety of game living in it. The Danube and its fishing area are situated only 2 km from the complex. “Ranch“ restaurant is characterized by the wide range of fish specialties prepared exclusively of fresh fish. Along with the restaurant, there is a boarding house for the accommodation of the visitors who want to spend some time in this exceptional place. The house is consisted of five double rooms with en suite bathroom.