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• Spicer Castle

Spicer Castle

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Spicer Castle
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Fruškogorska, 21300 Beočin
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Serbia Film Commission
Phone: +381 11 4059 961

When you go from the centre of Beočin toward Fruška Gora Mountain, after a half an hour of walk, you may arrive to the Spicer Castle. The castle is characterized by the architecture of an eclectic style, i.e. a combination of different styles. As to this castle, its exterior represents a mixture of gothic, romantic, baroque and renaissance style. The castle had been built by the Spicer family from 1890 to 1892. Its interior is decorated in secession style, and a special value to this facility gives the central hall. There is a fireplace made of green ceramics, according to special design, and the walls are decorated with floral ornaments. At the same time when the castle was built, a large park was built around, too. This castle is today completely abandoned, there are no windows or doors, but it is unique example of eclectic architecture. It resembles a haunted building from horror movies. This castle is noted as a cultural good.