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• Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Defence

grb_bela_poz-rsz2The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia proposes and implements the defence policy, implements laws and international contracts, bylaws and general policies of the National Assembly, the Government and acts of the President of the Republic in the field of defence.

As part of performing its informative and cultural functions, the Ministry of Defence fosters cooperation with production companies and televisions which is reflected in providing services related to making documentaries, feature films, television projects and educational programmes.


Filming permits and procedures

Since 2015, the Ministry has been a film friendly institution and as such, it seeks to establish procedures and services that would ensure a professional film and television production and continuous cooperation with the film sector in attracting international film productions to Serbia.

By offering military locations for filming, renting equipment, armament and uniforms, engaging members of the Serbian Armed Forces as extras, lending archival materials, providing consulting services, we have established a successful cooperation with numerous local and foreign productions.


Public Relations Department

Address: 5/11 Birčaninova Street, 11000 Belgrade

Contact person:

Maj Bojan Milivojević, phone: +381 69 1105 364

Jelena Lukjančenko, phone: +381 64 8874 202