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The territory of Negotin Municipality is divided into a hilly and mountainous part in the South-East and the lowland in the North-East part of the Municipality. The River Danube flows along the border of the Municipality with Romania in the length of 40 km. A number of smaller rivers also flow through the territory of the Municipality (Timok, Zamna, Jasenička river). The mountainous part of the Municipality is covered with forests and rich in game. The part adjacent to Timok and Danube boasts, among other things, vineyard areas. Negotin Municipality is in the tri-border area, bordering with Romania (the nearest city is Turnu Severin) and Bulgaria (the nearest city is Vidin) and enjoying good traffic connections.

Sites of tourist or geographic interest in the territory of the Municipality:

The old city center (churches, museums, Mokranjac home, the old neighborhood (Stara Čaršija), etc.)

Rajace, Rogljevac, and Smedovac wine cellars

Deli Jovan

Vratne center, the course of Zamna River

Mokranjac rocks

The bench of Danube river with beaches on Kusjak and near Mihajlovac village

Dominant architectural style: classic urban architecture from the late 19th and early 20th century and contemporary urban architecture

Traditional rural architecture and modern architecture

 Geographical position

GPS:  44°13′21″N 22°31′31″E
Population: 16882
Distance from the airport: From the airport in Belgrade 250km , from the airport in Niš 160 km
Distance from the Capital: 232km

Distance from main traffic facilities:  the City of Negotin is on the main roads to Belgrade, Niš, Zaječar, Majdanpek, Kladovo and Bor

Access roads: Negotin- Kladovo, connection to Belgrade, Niš