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Crater Studio is an Animation, Visual Effects and Post Production company.

With great passion and dedication they create cutting edge animations and visual effects for film and television. Their rich portfolio consists of local and international projects, feature films, music videos, TV commercials and 3D animations.

Crater Studio was established in 2005, when a team of young and talented enthusiasts gathered to produce visual effects and animation sequences for a feature a film. This project was a turning point for the studio for future work in the field of visual effects and animation.  It was a unique experience that made this team work even harder in order to further master their craft in this innovative and thriving industry.

The magic of moving image inspires them on daily basis, and motivates them to work with the highest technical standards. To every project they undertake, they approach with dedication and professionalism, in order to be better and more successful than in the previous one. Crater Studio team believes that 3D industry is a field where constant learning is a must.

To work with visual effects, means that you have many different skills and talents. (“Our reputation depends on our people”). The creatives in their studio are experts in different fields that together make a great team without whom their mission would be impossible. They nurture and train their talent, and they are proud to say that some of their best people today are involved in numerous projects around the world.

Inspired by the love for film they have chosen with clear vision to stimulate development of VFX industry in the environment. Their dream is to position their company on the world map of VFX industry, making their talent, and professionalism recognizable.