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Spring onion studio

Spring onion studio

They are Belgrade-based miners, extreme coffee drinkers, technology lovers, burger eaters, high poly terminators, kung-fu riggers, texture Renoir’s, skateboarders and 3D artists. 

Founded in Belgrade, in 2008, by two friends who just can’t imagine their BBQ without a spring onion, the name of the studio was unexpectedly inspired by their favorite vegetable. They named their passion after their favorite vegetable. 

Their loft studio nested on the 3rd floor is built by exceptional team of VFX professionals and with 22 permanent employees, each from a different background, they produce approximately 200 animations per year, for more than 15 countries around the globe. Because of the large volume of the work, they have also hired dozen of freelancers during the year.

They have cooperated with most of the advertising agencies and production houses in Serbia, which is why Spring Onion is the leader, not just locally, but in the Balkan region. During 2019, they shifted their focus more towards game trailers and advertising and cinematic’s production.