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• Acumincum Winery

Acumincum Winery

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Acumincum Winery
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Dositeja Obradovića 3, Stari Slankamen, Inđija
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Acumincum Winery
Phone: +381 63 23 83 99

Acumincum Winery is located in the one of the oldest houses in Stari Slankamen which incorporates couple of objects from different periods. The remains of Turkish bath from the 16th century can be seen in the basement of the house as an integral part of the tasting room. The rest of the house was built in the 18th century when the remains of the Bath served as the foundation of the Parish House of the Catholic Church of St. Nicholas the Bishop.

Winery is protected as a cultural monument and has recently been reconstructed. Reconstruction was done by our eminent architect Vladimir Lojanica and his team and it was awarded at the 37th Salon of Architecture, in the category “architecture-reconstruction”.

The building can be accessed by a wide (truck) entrance from the main street. It owns 3 parking spaces, and 20 meters ahead is parking for 8 to 10 cars or 3-4 minibuses.