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• Beočin Monastery

Beočin Monastery

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Beočin Monastery
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Manastirski put bb, 21300 Beočin
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Serbia Film Commission
Phone: +381 4059 961
Beocin Monastery is one of the 17 monasteries on Fruška Gora mountain. It lies in a valley between two hills covered with dense forest. There is a stream flowing beside the monastery. The church in the Beocin Monastery was dedicated to the Holy Ascension of the Christ. This monastery was mentioned for the first time in 1566-67 and it is supposed that it was built under the influence of traditional architecture. During the Second World War the monastery was devastated but the buildings remained unharmed. Present appearance of the monastery complex originated from 19th century. The church is a mixture of the impact of Raska style of construction (base shape, method of construction) and Gothic (striving in height, pointed arches, octagonal columns), while the portal is a mixture of baroque and classicism.

On the south side of the monastery there is a large park. The monastery garden was built by a true copy of the Versailles park with a beautiful fountain and pool in the middle. There are paths with low evergreen plants. All paths in the park are interconnected.