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• Ethno-complex in Kupinovo

Ethno-complex in Kupinovo

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Ethno-complex in Kupinovo
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Branka Madžarevića 143, Kupinovo
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Serbia Film Commission
Phone: +381 11 4059 961

The oldest preserved residential building in the village is the home of Putnik family, now a folklore museum. It was constructed towards the end of 18th century and looks completely the same as it originally did. The house plot looks like a traditional rural household from the beginning of 19th century and in addition to the house itself, it incorporates the ancillary buildings: a pantry and a stable, a barn, a bread baking furnace or “furuna” and a brick-lined well with a wooden cap. This folklore complex is also the seat of the Tourist Information Centre of the Municipality of Pecinci – a base of the development of tourism in this area.